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GenDev – The CHECK24 tech scholarship 

What is the GenDev Scholarship?

The GenDev Scholarship was created to help aspiring students in the field of computer science focus on what truly matters: getting your IT projects done. We strongly believe that hands-on experience and working on production code at a young age is the cornerstone for developing great software solutions later in life.

Applications are open again in April 2024.

About the GenDev Scholarship

Philipp Kemper,

"With the Generation Developer Scholarship, we are pursuing our vision of supporting, developing and connecting young software developers. The focus is on professional support, including the sharing of real world technical challenges, experience and best practices."
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To apply, you...

  • are studying computer science, computer engineering, or a closely related technical field,

  • live in or around Munich,

  • love to code and are experienced in at least one programming language and

  • actually build software, therefore you know (or are curious to learn) what it means to run software in a production environment.

Application process


What to expect from the Coding Challenge

On GitHub you can find the task description as well as hints for the solution. The completion of the coding challenge and the submission of your solution is a prerequisite for a successful application and represents the most important part of the selection process.

We hope you are having fun with the coding challenge, and we are already looking forward to your solution! 

Our mission with this scholarship

Support young tech talents on their journey
as passionate developers

We are passionate

  • We take the responsibility to shape the future generation of developers.

  • We are proud to support, educate and motivate young developers.

We are honest & fair

  • We treat each other as equals and take your ideas and work seriously.

  • We believe in radical openness to let you grow - that's why we will give you honest feedback.

  • By applying and receiving the scholarship, you do not enter into any commitment to us as an employer.

We are demanding

  • We expect you to constantly expand your skills.

  • We believe that the best way to expand your skills is by working on production code and learning on the job.

  • We offer you the opportunity to gain relevant experience in one of our software development teams - we don't stand in your way of programming important code.


Feel free to contact us, if you have any questions.
Lena Kuhne
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